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Computer Science and Engineering

This department was started in 1984 in view of the demand for highly skilled professionals required for the rapidly expanding IT industry. The department possesses one of the largest computer centers in Bangalore University wherein 130 students can work simultaneously. Developmental plans are on the way to double this capacity. A campus wide LAN is also being planned.


Infrastructure Softwares Core subjects studied
  1. Mathematics
  2. Digital Electronic Circuits
  3. Analog Electronic Circuits
  4. Introduction to Computer Science
  5. Programming with PASCAL
  6. Logic Design
  7. Microprocessors
  8. Computer Organisation
  9. Logic Design Laboratory
  10. Micro Processor Laboratory
  11. Discrete Structure
  12. Communication Systems
  13. Data Structures in C
  14. Finite Automata & Formal Languages
  15. Computer Architecture
  16. Advanced Microprocessors and PC Hardware
  17. Personal Computer Laboratory
  18. Data Structures Laboratory-I (using C)
  19. Object Oriented Programming in C++
  20. System Software
  21. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  22. Operations Research
  23. Computer Hardware
  24. Software Engineering
  25. System Programming Laboratory
  26. Data Structures Laboratory-II (using C)
  27. Operating Systems
  28. Database Management System
  29. Computer Network
  30. Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
  31. Project work (Preliminary)
  32. DBMS Laboratory
  33. Computer Graphics Laboratory
  34. Compiler Design
  35. CAD for VLSI
  36. Programming Languages
  37. Parallel Processing
  38. Fault Tolerant Computing
  39. Project Work
Teaching Faculty
1. Dr.K.S.Ramanath		Professor & Head	Ph.D
2. Dr.K.V.Viswanath		Professor		Ph.D.
3. Dr.K.V.K.K.Prasad		Professor		Ph.D.
4. S.M.Narayana			Reader			M.Tech.
5. G.Krishnaprasad		Reader			M.Tech
6. Anita Kanavalli		Reader			M.Tech.
7. V.Shantaram			Reader			M.Phil.
8. A.Kavidha			Lecturer		M.E.
9. S.Seema			Lecturer		M.E.
10. M.E.Satishkumar		Lecturer		M.E.
11. Vanithadevi Som		Lecturer		M.S.
12. M.Aswathnarayan		Lecturer		M.Sc.

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