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Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering was started in the year 1971. Since then it has grown into one of the largest departments at M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology. The department floats ME course in Structural Engineering.

The MSRIT Civil institution industry cell is actively engaged in a number of consultancy works. The department has R&D centre for Doctoral studies, approved by the Bangalore University.


Infrastructure Core subjects studied
  1. Fluid Mechanics
  2. Building Materials & Construction
  3. Surveying Theory
  4. Architecture and Town Planning
  5. Engineering Geology
  6. Theory of Structure
  7. Hydraulic Machines
  8. Concrete and Construction Technology
  9. Environmental Engineering
  10. R.C.C. Structures
  11. Engineering Management Science
  12. Transportation Engineering
  13. P.S.C. Structures
  14. Steel Structures
  15. Hydrology and Water Resource Engg.
  16. Earth & Earth Retaining Structures
  17. Numerical and Computer Methods in Civil Engineering
  18. Irrigation Engineering
  19. Foundation Engineering
  20. Hydraulic Structures
  21. Bridges Engineering
  22. Estimation Specification and Engineering Economics
In Addition to the above core subjects, students are trained in laboratories, electives and project works.
Teaching Faculty
1. Dr. A. Krishna Sarma		Principal & HOD		M.E., Ph.D., MIE, MISTE
2. N. Krishna Raju		Professor		M. Sc., Ph.D.
3. D.R. Guru Raja		Reader			M.E., MIE, MISEQT
4. M.N. Sree Hari		Reader			M.E. MIE, MIRC, MISTE, MIRT
5. Dr. N. Bala Subramanya	Reader			M.E., Ph.D., MIE, MIRC, MISTE
6. Dr. B.V. Venkata Subramanya 	Reader			M.E., Ph.D., MIE, MIRC, MISTE
7. Suguna U. Kumar		Reader			ME.,  MIGS, MISTE
8. Dr. K.U. Muthu		Reader			M.E., Ph.D., MIE, MISTE
9. Dr. Manamohan R. Kalgal	Reader			M.E., Ph.D., MIE, MICI, MACCE 
10. T. Valsa Ipe		Reader			M.Sc. (Engg.) MISTE
11. D. Venkatarangan 		Senior Lecturer		M.E., MIE
12. M. Prema Swarup Reddy	Senior Lecturer		M.E., MIE, MIRC, MISTE
13. C.G. Puttappa		Senior Lecturer		M.E., MIE, MIRC,MISTE
14. R. Prabhakar		Senior Lecturer		M.Tech.
15. Dr. Kirti Malhotra		Senior Lecturer		M.Sc., Ph.D.
16. R.N. Pranesh		Senior Lecturer		M.E., MISTE
17. K.P. Nagaraja		Senior Lecturer		M.E., MIE, MISTE
18. B.S. Nagendra		Senior Lecturer		M.Tech.
19. Srikanth M. Naik		Senior Lecturer		M.E., LLB, MIRC
20. H. Narendra			Senior Lecturer		M. Tech.
21. B.G. Jagadeesha Kumar	Senior Lecturer		M.E.
22. E.T. Arasu			Senior Lecturer		M.E.
23. K.V. Manjunath		Senior Lecturer		M.Tech, MIE, MISTE
24. H.V. Subban			Senior Lecturer		M. Tech, MIE, MISTE
25. B.V. Venkataramana Reddy	Lecturer		M.Sc. (Geology)
26. Y.A. Narayana Swamy		Lecturer		M.E.
27. H.R. Mnanjunath		Lecturer		M.E.
28. B. Umadevi			Lecturer		M.E., D.C., MISTE, AMIE
29. S. Suvarna			Lecturer		M.E.,
30. C. Usha			Lecturer		M.E.

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