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Chemical Engineering

This department was started in the year 1978 and was one of the first few colleges to offer the Chemical Engineering course in the Bangalore University. The department has done pioneering work in the development of specialized laboratories and has consequently setup pilot plant laboratory to extend the bench scale results of the students to nearly industrial magnitude.


Infrastructure Core subjects studied
  1. Material Science
  2. Chemical Process Calculations
  3. Momentum Transfer
  4. Mechanical Operations
  5. Energy Engineering
  6. Heat Transfer
  7. Thermodynamics
  8. Pollution Control & Safety
  9. Chemical Technology (Inorganic & Organic)
  10. Process Engineering Economics
  11. Mass Transfer
  12. Chemical Equipment Design
  13. Reaction Engineering
  14. Process Instrumentation
  15. Elective (One of the following)
    1. Operations Research
    2. Separations Process
    3. Pilot Plant and Scale-up Studies
    4. Applied Mathematics in Chemical Engineering
    5. Microprocessor Application in Process Industries
  16. Computer Application in Chemical Engineering
  17. Project Engineering & Management
  18. Bio-Chemical Engineering
  19. Process Control
Teaching Faculty
1. Dr.K.S.Rajanandam		Professor & HOD		M.Tech., Ph.D., MIIChE
2. G.A.Shareef			Reader			M.Tech., MIIChE., MISTE
3. K.Kalyani			Reader			M.E., MIIChE., MISTE
4. S.Mohandas Bhat		Reader			M.E., MIIChE., MISTE
5. V.Venkatesham		Senior Lecturer		M.E., AMIIChE., MISTE
6. R.B.Bhagavan			Senior Lecturer		M.Tech., AMIIChE
7. S.Swaminathan		Senior Lecturer		M.E., AMIIChE., MISTE
8. Ravi Sadasivan		Senior Lecturer		M.S.,AMIIChE, MISTE, MIPI
9. K.A. Badarinarayana		Lecturer		M.Tech., MISTE

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