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Bachelor of Architecture

A ten semester course in Architecture leading to B. Arch degree of Bangalore University was started in the year 1992. The department has been provided with an independent block consisting of lecture halls, drawing studios, seminar hall, staff rooms, student rooms etc., in conformity with the AICTE and Council of Architecture requirements. The total strength for the five-year program is 200 students.


Infrastructure Core subjects studied
  1. Architectural Design
  2. History of Architecture
  3. Architectural Graphics
  4. Freehand Design & Presentation
  5. Structures
  6. Theory of Architecture
  7. Services (Water Supply & Sanitation)
  8. Service (Electricity & Illumination)
  9. Surveying and Levelling
  10. Estimation and Quantity Surveying
  11. Climatology
  12. Sociology and Building Economics
  13. Specification and Costing
  14. Landscape Architecture
  15. Working Drawing
  16. Planning
  17. Professional Practice
  18. Computer and Applications
  19. Interior Design
  20. Construction Management
  21. Study Tour
  22. Thesis
  23. Practical Training (16 weeks)
Teaching Faculty
1. Dr.N. Harimurthy		Professor & HOD		M.E., Ph.D.
2. K.S. Mukunda			Professor		M.C.P.
3. B.S. Jagadish Chandra	Reader			M.Arch.
4. Vishwa Hittalmani		Reader			M.Dsgn.
5. Anuradha. N			Lecturer		M.U.R.P.
6. B.K. Satish			Lecturer		M.U.R.P.
7. Rashmi Niranjan		Art Teacher		Master of Fine Arts.

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