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SPARC - Kindling Creativity

SPARC - Students Parliament of Architecture Ramaiah College was founded in May 1998. It was initiated by the students of '94 batch. The following are the founding executive members -
President - Jai Krishna, 7th Semester currently
Treasurer - Gayatri, 9th Semester
Cultural Secretary - Dushyant, 5th Semester
Secretaries - Subbiah & Abhisek, 3rd Semester

The Principal is the patron and Mr. Hari Murthy, the H.O.D is the staff co-ordinator. SPARC was founded in order to increase interaction between the students and have good exposure to architecture. A membership fee of Rs. 25 per student is collected which is used to pay for expenses like stationary etc. Several guest lectures and seminars have been conducted through SPARC, which go a long way in helping students view architecture with a new outlook. Annual day functions, design and cultural competions conducted by SPARC help to bring out the talents in students, by allowing them to be more creative with their ideas and providing more opportunities to be creative. This also helps identify talented students who are encouraged to take part in inter college events in other colleges.

NASA - National Association of Students of Architecture, is a 41 years old association. Architecture students from MSRIT have attended two conventions so far where around 4000 students from various colleges in India, participate. SPARC is working towards becoming a member of NASA at the next convention.

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